Why Asian ladies prefer to date with Westerns

Multiracial dating is something which becomes more and more popular. The reason is simple, many expats travelling across the globe to their final destinations in order to start new, better life. It is true to say that many Asians are willing to date and marry Westerns not only because of visa and long stay matters but for overall life experience.

We can notice Asians everywhere, no matter if it’s a small European village or big American city, they tend to travel the world a lot and in most of the cases, they travel for dating purposes. Asian ladies are well known for exotic beauty which attracts many Western guys. But is beauty only reason why Asian girls are so attractive for western guys? Are they any reasons why Asian ladies prefer to date with Westerns? Let’s find out!

Westerns are more open minded when it comes to the point of view on particular cases. This might be one the main reasons why Asian girls prefer “white guys”. There're a couple of things literally banned across Asia, which is something normal and natural in western culture. For western guys, it’s a normal thing or behavior but for Asians, it might be something more like “taboo topic” which makes them really into this case.

Appearance and looking are also one of the reasons. Asian guys are usually looking same. Black hair, black eyes and usually they are not that tall. If you are looking for a partner with specific characteristics, for sure you cannot find him in Asian. Western guys are rather tall, handsome and it’s hard to find one man who is looking like a clone to another (which happens in Asia). They do have own style and trying not to follow each other. In other words, every western guy is unique.

Western guys know how to flirt and win ladies’ hearts. Fortunately dating culture in Europe or USA is really advanced and it’s true to say that “white guys” have improved their dating skills over the past years. While a western guy will spot a nice lady in the bar and try to talk with her while making her smile and laugh, Asian guy will only glance at her, blush all the way, and come up with simple and noneffective “Hi”.

Apart from flirting methods, western guys are more creative when it comes to dating ideas itself. Driving all day long to have delicious ice cream and coffee in a well-known restaurant or just romantic walk along the beach is something which makes Asian ladies attracted since they want to experience better quality love life than just sitting in coffee shop with an Asian guy and listen to him talking about a new video game.

Western guys can cook and actually they are pretty good and skilled. This indicates that they do not believe a woman’s place is only in the kitchen (like it’s in typical Asian family). Asian girls learn from early childhood to served fathers and later husbands, so when a guy propose he will make a dinner, for sure it’s something impressive.

Last but not least, western guys know exactly how to express feelings toward beloved ones. Unexpected gifts, lovely words and doing best for her partners which show how caring and cute western guy can be.

Asian guys are rather shy and have no experience in showing affection since nobody teaches them how to do it. This might make Asian girls bored and feel like running away from such relationship.

Benefits and reasons why Asian ladies prefer western are limitless. This is all depends on the particular girl and way she bad been raised. However, it’s true that seeing Western-Asian couples across the world is nothing new anymore.

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