Reviews is part of the Cupid network as many other sites are such as It's a well-organized site with a clean landing page, and lots of great information on that page. It's been around since 2001 so it's got plenty of experience in the online dating world. If you're looking to meet Filipino ladies this may be the best place to go with over 2 million different ladies to connect with.

The quality of the site is also backed up by its Alexa ranking. The site ranks at 503 in Philippines at the Alexa rankings. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the sites visitors come from the Philippines. Philippine members make up 22.5% of the visitors to the site, followed by the US at 17.2%, India at 11.5%, the UK at 6.2%, and Canada at 5.2%. It's interesting to note how popular the site is right across North America.

Sign up
The sign up process for this site is identical to any other Cupid network sites – although you will have to create a new membership specific to this site. In the first step you'll be asked for your basic information such as your name, the password you want to use, your email address, your gender, the gender of the person you're wishing to match up with, your date of birth, and the country you reside in. The next step asks a few more detailed questions such as your ethnicity, your marital status, your occupation, and it also asks you to fill out some information about yourself and about the person you'd like to match up with. After that, you can add a photo if you like, or you can simply just start using the site.

There is a basic free membership which will allow you to view other member’s profiles, perform basic searches in your area, and it will also let you show interest in a member. If you want to go beyond this and start sending and receiving messages and communicating with other members you'll have to sign up for a paid membership. There are two categories of paid membership: gold and platinum. Here's a breakdown of the costs involved with paid membership for either type of membership:

Gold Membership
– One month membership $34.99
– Three month membership $23.33 per month (one payment of $69.98)
– 12 month membership $11.67 per month (one payment of the $139.99)

Platinum Membership
– One month membership $39.99
– Three month membership $26.66
(One payment of $79.98)
– 12 month membership $12.50 (one payment of $149.99)
The site will accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal for payment purposes. Signing up is a very simple process.

It's probably a good idea to start with the basic membership so that you can explore the site and see if it's for you, but if you're serious about using this site to find the perfect match you're going to have to upgrade to the paid membership. After all the standard membership is very limited all you be able to do with this is perform basic searches, have a look at members profiles, and express your interest in the member – although you won’t be able to communicate with them on any meaningful level.

In order to truly get the most benefit out of the site you will definitely want to consider upgrading to a gold or platinum membership. Both of these types of membership will allow you to fully communicate with all other members, and will afford you some extra privileges as well. With both of these types of memberships you can remove all the ads which are always a little distracting, and you have lots of communication options such as standard email type interfaces as well as instant messaging programs. One really cool feature that you’ll find in the platinum membership is the ability to translate your language to the language of another member that may or may not speak your language. This opens you up to a lot more potential matches.

For Standard Membership
– Basic Matching
– Send Interest
– Communicate with Paying Members

Gold Membership
– Basic matching
– Send interest
– Communicate with paying members
– Can communicate with all members even the ones that aren't paid
– Live chat with Instant Messenger
– Send and receive messages
– Remove ads

Platinum Membership
– Basic matching
– Send interest
– Communicate with paying members
– Communicate with all members
– Live chat with Instant Messenger
– Send and receive messages
–Remove ads
– Rank above other members
– Double the profile space
– VIP treatment with highlighting
– Exclusive search features
– Advanced matching algorithms
– Translates messages into your language

Why Join is simply the best place to find beautiful Filipino women. If you've always been interested in dating a Filipino lady or man for that matter, this is the site for you. It has all the features and benefits that you'll find right across the Cupid network, and it has an excellent user interface. Everything is neatly organized with recommended matches clearly displayed on your main portal page, and all the tools you'll need located either along the top or on the left-hand side. It's also got a huge membership database which makes the chances of finding a great match that much easier.

If you've always wanted to date someone from the Philippines then is probably the best site out there for you. This site is full of great features, and an extensive user database that increases exponentially the chance that you'll find a great match. Online Filipina dating has become very popular, and sites like this are the reason why.

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