What Asians think about sex before marriage and one night stands?

Sex is very important in every relationship and we cannot avoid it. Sooner or later partner will demand to be closer and have some romantic and erotic moments to be shared. There’s a saying “Good relationships rely on good sex” and we do agree with this. Sex is a bond and connection between body and soul, it’s an intimate moment to share feelings and show how much you love your partner.

Sex in Asia is still a taboo topic, even though of course it’s impossible to live without it. Since Asian politics that son is more important than having a daughter as a first child, people tend to have sex just for procreation matters. Sex in Asia is something slightly mechanical which leads for pregnancy matters only. We don’t try to claim that all couples are like this but mostly after the baby is born, guy prefers to have fun outside with random girls or prostitutes rather than with the own wife.

One night stands wasn’t that popular before as they are now. As we mention previously Asian guys have a tendency to spend money on prostitutes and “karaoke bar girls” then having a fun at night with a wife or lifetime partner. Along with young population, a one-night stand is rather popular, especially when it comes a one night adventurous with totally random people from different cultures or countries. This is kind of curiosity and somehow we do understand this. Every weekend bars, pubs, and karaoke places are filled up with young boys and girls looking for risky but slightly fun experiences with strangers. Since contraception like hormone pills and 72 hours after pills are rather available on the counter in every pharmacy, young girls are more likely to have one night stands now than before without worried of an unexpected pregnancy. We feel like modern Asia become more or less like Europe or the USA where having sex with a random person as the one-night stand is rather normal and common thing.

When it comes to sex before marriage, opinions are slightly different. When it’s a sex between a couple it happens, however, it’s hidden away from family and friends before the couple even married. It’s a bit ironical by looking at young people behaviours in the clubs at night. We don’t see anything wrong with having sex before marriage and tell about this openly. But in Asia is still a something “no-no” topic. What's more, the couple is not allowed to live together before they tied the knot. Also, there’s a saying that certain amount of time need to pass before couple will start doing “nastier” things than holding hands and kissing each other’s cheeks. Despite this, there’s even no place, no time and opportunities to have sex before marriage.

Sex culture in Asia is something really weird and wicked. From one hand they are willing and looking for occasions for one-night stands, where the next morning you even forget your partner’s name. From another hand, they prefer to stay “clean” and wait till marriage for having sex. Opinions are mixed and it all depends on the family’s background and the way kids had been raised.

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