Red alerts about Asian dating

“Actions speak louder than words.” And this is a very true statement when it comes to online dating. Since over a 10 years ago, when websites for meeting people had become popular, the level of people being scammed and fraud rised up. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s very hard and challenging to discover if the profile is real or not. People who fraud and scam others are “masters” which are hard to detect. Many of fraud actions happen on Asian dating sites since Asians are most desired to be date by Westerns. Sometimes you don’t need words to realize if the girl you are talking to is real or not. Here're some examples.

1.Looking at the profile of your lady with who you are talking to , you might notice some bad and eye-catching things which might be signs of a scam. Fake pictures, blurred or cropped ones are obvious signs, however, it seems like people who scam others developed other ways for not being recognized easily. Sexy photos aren’t that big red flag, but profile description can be. If a girl is writing all the time that she is loyal, reliable and honest, definitely she isn’t.

2.If profile description still looks okay for you, it’s nice to ask “Uncle Google” for help. Just copy and paste a sentence from lady’s profile and you might find out that the same sentence had been copied and paste to 10 other profiles as well. In that case, it’s obviously a scam.

3.The Western-looking lady on Asian site? Well, it happens but might be a red alert as well. Most of Asians are proud of their look and not willing to look like Westerns at all. If you feel like there’s something wrong with the pictures, you can get a help with Google again, save the picture to desktop and search it over via Google image search. You might be stunned who is in the picture. It might be a celebrity, actress or a model.

4.It’s good to check IP of the profile you are interested in. Most of the scammers usually have a couple of profiles on different sites (but sometimes even on the same one). By checking IP it’s easy to discover that those few profiles with different ladies, created from the same computer it’s a scam.

5.If the girl claims to be Filipino but her profile pictures look like a Chinese or Korean girl, definitely there’s something wrong. However, you need to have a basic understanding of how particular Asians looks like to discover the fraud in this way.

6.Grammar and proper English is important as well. Of course, we are not trying to say that all Asian ladies need to speak English on a native level. However, the ones who are educated and real can write up pretty good and interesting. Scam profiles are usually poor of grammar and lots of mistakes which every (even non-native) speaker can catch up easily.

7.Another case is similar to the one we wrote about above. If on the picture there’s an Indian lady for example, however, English seems to be more like Filipino one, it’s better to move on the another profile. Indian people seem to have perfect English so all grammar mistakes on public profiles are a big NO.

8.Talking nonsense is very easy to catch up. If a girl is keep writing that she likes “to be clean and clean people” usually she has no idea what she is talking about. In this case, we can assume that a guy (yes a guy) who pretends to be a girl learned few sentences in English and will keep repeat them.

Some profiles look very good and it’s hard to distinguish if it’s scam or not. Using real pictures and not photoshopped ones, might not raise any red flag, however, if you keep your eyes open and using easy searching tools like Google you might found it if the girl is worth talking or not.

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