How to react when you find out you had been scammed by Asian lady online?

Scammers are doing their best to hit guys from every possible corner in order to get money and disappear. Text messaging, webcam chats and dating online are only a few ways to get fraud. As the Internet is a big machine where everything is possible, we as internet users need to be careful and pay great attention to our online moves.

So you found a great Asian lady and unfortunately she did scam you using her tricks. How to react and what to do when you found out that you just had been scammed? Read fast, because you need to react fast!

1.First of all, you shouldn’t be embarrassed by what happened. The scam is a very typical case over the Internet on dating sites and might happen to basically anyone. It had been just a bad luck that this dishonest and not reliable person chose you, or rather your money.

2.Call your bank immediately right after you find out you had been scammed. If you react fast, the possibility of your money return is higher. If you had to give your bank information to the person who scammed you, calling to the bank is the first and right thing to do, since this person might take all your money if she has enough details. Call your bank only with a number at the back of your credit card. Never call number in an email as it might be part of a phishing scam.

3.File a police report might sound weird at first, but you had just been robbed right? Then informing your nearest police station about this it a proper place to do. In every police station, there’s a section for online crimes. What's more, if money had been stolen directly from a bank account, most of the banks will need to have a copy of police report in order to give back your money.

4.File a Fraud Victim Statement with major credit companies. In case if scammer would like to take a credit on your name and ID card, you will be informed about this as well as major credit companies across the country.

5.You can ask major credit companies to freeze your account. In this case, if someone will likely to take a credit, loan or deposit huge amount of money under your name and ID, she will be asked for a security PIN code or password to prove identity.

6.Update Anti-malware Software and scan whole computer. Some scammers send information by e-mail with a bunch of viruses inside which infects your computer and gather information (like bank passport) right back to the scammer.

7.Do not panic but act fast. Time is very precious here, because as soon as you start reacting, there’s a chance you will get your money back. Think wisely and gather proper documents in order to claim money refund.

8.If you had sent money by the Western Union, PayPal or another transfer service, contact them immediately. Most of the services like this have a return policy.

9.If you find out you had been scammed report the account to the dating website where this happening took place.

It’s not easy to get trust back after being scammed online, however if you will keep your eyes open and think wisely you won’t be fraud again. People learn on their mistakes, right?

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