How to Date Thai Girls

Are you interested in dating a Thai girl? It is worth bearing in mind that Thai culture lays a great deal of impetus on traditional values that people in the west consider obsolete. Therefore, it goes without saying that conventionalities and cultures govern the expectations of a Thai woman. This is why it becomes important to understand the dos and don’ts of dating a Thai woman, before you approach one.

·Exercise self – control and self – discipline: Drug and alcohol is a fairly common problem in Thailand. So, girls look for a partner who isn't an addict. Thai women prefer a man who exercises self – discipline and self – control. If there is any special occasion, she would expect you to take it seriously and dress nicely.

·Behave like a gentleman: Old school gestures by opening the car door for your girl would surely work wonders. Despite the fact that Thai girls are earning as much as Thai men, they don’t wish to be treated with respect and humility. In fact, Thai girls are also known to ask their boyfriends out for a date. But, it isn't advised you wait for that. Take the lead and ask her out.

·Make an effort to look good: Thai woman appreciate men who make an effort to look good. If you're attending an event together, she would ensure you complement her in every respect. A Thai woman is very conscious about presentation, so ensure you're well – groomed and sport all the right colors that evening.

·Avoid sexual topics: Thai women feel sex isn't a topic that should be given prominence while on a date and should be avoided at all costs. In fact, you'd embarrass a Thai woman in case you initiate a discussion that revolves around physical intimacy. It is advised to stay clear of such discussions that would make her think of you as a pervert.

·Be realistic: Whilst “meeting the parents” might not be a mandatory ritual in the United States, it is to be taken seriously if you wish to date a Thai woman. Meeting your girlfriend’s parents is vital if you wish to marry her. As a matter of fact, Thai women can only introduce a person to her family whom she intends to get married to.

·Unintended insults: Thai women are very proud of their culture and anything spoken about it in an insulting tone wouldn’t be appreciated. Therefore, avoid jokes or insults that may confuse your date or give an impression that you're a racist. Do you really expect a Thai woman to accept you as a companion after you’ve passed naïve comments about her culture?

If you're serious about connecting with a Thai girl, the aforementioned guidelines would give you enough information to play safe and eventually find the perfect partner.

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