How to avoid Asian scam on dating websites?

The Internet is a great tool to spend time, have entertainment and even find love. Online dating sites are popular not only because of easy access but multiple opportunities to meet new people. Unfortunately, the Internet is also an easy way to get cheated and scammed. Some guys trying to find love online describe themselves as victims of online fraud and scam. There’s a bunch of different ways to be scammed, however in most of the cases all of the red flag alerts are on repeat mode. Here're some most popular signs that you might be fraud and the lady you are talking to, do not exist in real world.

Everything starts with the pictures. If they are not unclear or your dream lady looks different in every picture, it’s better to avoid such profile. Asians think that it’s impossible for Western people to recognize them because they look same. The truth is different, sure at first it’s hard to distinguish particular Asian ladies especially from blurred pictures, but it becomes easier if you are meeting more and more girls. Blurred and cropped pictures are always a big NO. Group pictures are forbidden in most of the serious and high-quality dating sites, so if you come across such profile, better move to another one. To make sure you can always ask for more pictures. If your Asian lady will decline to send more, it’s clearly a scam.

After a couple of days for sure, you will be curious and willing to do a webcam chat. If you find an honest and real girl, she should agree on this idea right away. That’s a plus and you might just found a great girl and potential match. However, if a girl will try to avoid webcam or suddenly ask you for money to rent one, better finish this friendship right away. Renting a webcam in Internet café cost no more than 5$ for an hour. Buying one is a cost for up to 20$. Usually, scam girls will ask you for 50$ or more for one time webcam. By knowing the real situation and prices of webcam equipment, you will be no longer scammed.

3.Private Room scam
Private room scam is getting popular in order to offer virtual sex. Some Asian girls while chatting might propose to switch into the most private room, where obviously you need to pay. The results might be 2 ways. You will get a sex show and online sex or just you will say forever goodbye with your money. If you are willing to get a try and switch into private room chat, you had been warned.

4.Airport transit scam
Another method of fraud is airport transit dating scam. This happens when a girl is sending you a message all of sudden about her being a nurse on her way to USA or Canada but unfortunately, she had been stuck in the airport due to unexpected terminal fees, visa fees or hotel stay. Likely she will send you a couple of pictures in nurse uniform, fake nurse certificates, and even visa. However, such scam is easy to discover. Not only you might check airline page but ask tricky and detailed questions about the airport, airlines or even the hotel she is supposed to pay for.

It’s easy to be tricked by sweet messages and good looking pictures especially if you are trying to find a lady of your life. The best advice is caution, have eyes open widely and let skepticism be your guide.

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