Asian friends with benefits, is it better than serious dating?

What is better to choose? Friendship with benefits or love? This question is frequently asked in a bunch of online dating websites. The answer cannot be on the one side. Both friendship with benefits and serious dating has a negative and positive sides and it all depends on the attitude and situation between two people. Friendship with benefits with a sexy Asian lady indeed sounds great and here're 11 reasons why such extra friendship might work out better than serious love!

1.Sex is great like never before. Doesn’t matter how much in love you are with your partner in the serious relationship, sex will become less and less attractive and satisfied after time goes by. Of course, you can spice up sex life by toys but well it’s still not the same sex as you might get from a friend with benefits.
2.A friend with benefits is not a one night stand. This is somehow a relationship, however, less stable and more complicated than a serious love. You can always come back to this particular friend and have great sex again and again. No need to get into one-night adventures which might be not good either.
3.There’s no time and space for love so friends with benefits are great with busy people who are more into a career than love life. No wonder why so many businessmen across the world are getting into friends with benefits relationship.
4.You won’t be judged by your friend. Both you are doing crazy things, so there’s no place for judgment and negative emotions.
5.There’s no place for drama and no interruption in partner’s private life. This is ideal for someone who wants to have sex and feel to be needed but doesn't want to expose personal life.
6.Finishing friends with benefits relationship is easy as a piece of cake. No tears, no sadness. Just goodbye is enough since there were NO serious emotions.
7.There’s no place for expectations from a partner. You just hang out for a great time together, spending the evening and have great sex. Also, there’s an understanding that your friend might have another friend with benefits as well. NO jealousy and no hard feelings.
8.Since your friend with benefits is a stable sex partner, the risk of STDs is getting less. You both know each other bodies so if there’s anything between, you shall discuss it. For sure it safer than one night stands with a random person.
9.Friends with benefits relationship do not require any commitments. You can clearly cut if off whenever you want. You don’t need to try to stay or try to make a move to make the situation better. You can simply quit.
10.Most people regret falling in love and ending up with a broken heart. In friends with benefits relation you are the one to choose a friend who you want to have fun with and if something goes wrong, you can cut if off.
11.You can still fell free and have fun and have someone who you can talk to and have sex with from the other hand. This is the best of both worlds.

Even though many Asian girls prefer not to get into friends with benefits relationship, there’s still a chance you might find one online, on special dating sites. If you get one, you might consider yourself as luckiest guy in the world.

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