Report shows that Asian women want to date millionaires

There is no doubt that most females want to date men who have a large number of zeroes in their bank account. In females these days look for a high class lifestyle with big brands and maximum comfort. When you talk about millionaires, Dubai can be counted as a place where a high percentage of these rich guys reside. You can easily sight them wearing custom made Armani suits and travelling with nothing less than a BMW or Ferrari. As it is mentioned above, women these days, look for dating options that give them luxurious lifestyles and Chinese women are not an exception in this case.

Recently, a competition was held in China, where women competed to meet filthy rich millionaires residing in Dubai. At the start, more than 2000 Chinese women from different age groups took part in the competition. However, multiple filters were applied to shrink down this list. Women were finalized and removed on the basis of their individual financial standing, previous dates, age group and other factors. This list of 2000 was reduced to 250 in the first stage and then 21 in the final stage. These 21 finalists are expected to travel to Dubai to meet the men of their lives who have a minimum net worth of about 7.6 million USD.

Why do women prefer millionaires in Dubai?
There is a certain charm about the rich millionaires in Dubai. In addition to that, Dubai has the perfect lifestyle that every girl who is seeking a rich life partner to prefer. Whether you talk about the state of the art residences in Palm Jumerah or expensive Rolls Royce Phantoms on the streets, Dubai offers everything needed for a rich extravagant lifestyle.

The online concept of dating millionaires
When you talk about legitimate websites that connect females with rich men, they have a long list of conditions that female applicants need to fulfill. For instance, age group is a key factor. For a female who is 40 years old, it would be quite hard to date a millionaire than someone who is 25 or 30 years old.

The chances of getting selected by a financially rich guy also depend on your nationality and ethnicity. For instance, an Arab millionaire settled in Dubai would prefer an American or a British girl as compared to someone from the Asian part of the world. Millionaire dating is more about the money and financial standing than looks. Girls even date men who are double their age and divorced or separated but can give them an extravagant lifestyle.

The process of online millionaire dating websites is quite simple. These websites have criteria according to which they select females. Girls who are interested in meeting millionaires and having a dream life need to create their profile and provide their details. Based on the profiles of these females and the expectations of the filthy rich men, online matches are made.

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